by Void Droid

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All music composed and arranged by Void Droid
All lyrics by Void Droid
Produced by Void Droid and Mikko Chris Vlachos
All recordings took place at 8yard Studios
except drums Recorded at Ektoras Tsolakis' studio
Engineered and Mixed by Mikko Chris Vlachos (8yard Studios)
Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos and Dimitris Papadimitriou (SweetSpot Studios)
Choir Vocals in "Kuafu" recorded at SAE Athens by Vaggelis Chasiotis
Artwork designed by Costin Chioreanu
Booklet arranged by Panokas L'aika(Bewild Designs)


released May 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Void Droid Patra, Greece

Void Droid is a heavy rock / metal band based in Patras, Greece

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Track Name: Terrestrial
Mission: Terrestrial
Entry: 2510
Intelligent life has been detected
Appears to be carbon based
Species name : human
Field study required to gather further data
Study is to commence immediately
Examine human behaviour
Track Name: Flying Jesus
You better take a look what's up there in the sky
A tattooed bearded man showing off up high
His golden wings are blowing, tearing down our homes
One thing for sure, he's not just skin and bones

You eat his body and you drink his blood
Don't make him angry, you 'll have nowhere to go

He's the flying Jesus
He hasn't come to please us
We must atone to save our souls

The end is near, too much to fear, you're asking why
The only chance to live is to believe a lie
The final test has come now, enemy or ally?
I know that in the end, both ways you will die

The way of god will never be mine
Apocalypse day, the dude will arrive
Skies opening and Jesus flying
Where will I go?
The end is now
Count your sins
Track Name: Praying Mantis
A pair of big alluring emerald eyes
Attractive, little lakes of lies
I see them looking at me with hunger inside

All my life is yours, my jade princess
I 've never felt like I'm ready to die for her, no no no

First, she 'll caress you and all
Then she 'll break you
You gonna lose and be lost
And, oh, you will shower in her lust
She shall enjoy you
She gonna show you her love
She's gonna rip your head off

Weak and wary footsteps
Leading to an adventure
Full of magic and romance

Your body lies emotionless
Twisting and struggling
For the life that has flied
Away from you

Oh she ripped your head off
Track Name: The Watermaker
Blessing of dominance
No water left for the rest
Withered, the seven seas
Please God, help us please
Oceans fading away
All life now turns to grey
He's somewhere locked all alone
God protect his soul

No water left, no, no!
Feeling bereft
But he won't regret, he won't no,no!

Now deserts devouring
From seas to ashes
The maker will keep it all
On dust we crawl
Forever devouring the seeds of masses
And through the oblivion he reigns untouched

A golden chalice of greed
Full of water it is
Snatched from our sweat and despair
Change is in the air
Secluded oasis of lies
They can't be reached, all the cries
He's the death of the soul
Matter now is all

Makes our lives go dry
The watermaker
Track Name: Chameleon White
I fear the liar, I fear and the warrior
I just try to find
My single desire, that I won't retire
Where I belong

Somewhere, I believe that somewhere is a place that I can lie
Away from all disturbing tongues and the phony eyes
I 'll hide from all reflections of my pale be
But in the end what I really wanna be is just one of their kind

There, those beautiful lines, a jewel of the sky
An illusion or a sign, my journey has now begun
I need to lay my eyes on it, touch it, taste it, breathe it and hold it
Let it be the key to my shackles of white

Someday, I believe that someday I won't walk alone
The world will take me and swallow me, embracing me colourful
I 'll sway the hearts of all creations
And with the rainbow under my skin
I 'll be no more a chameleon white

Born with a pale skin
Unable to change colour, unable to blend in
People fought and people lied
He was being cast aside
Many days and years passed
And in his dream he stood fast
Like an unpainted canvas, brushed aside
For a last time he cried
Track Name: Kua Fu
Beyond the mountains and the seas, far away from the distant lands
There lived a mighty giant, he was no compliant
A mammoth stride, could cross a hundred miles
A titan without a single drop of fear, snakes on ears, eyes on tears
He turned towards the sky

There it was, all shiny and bright, an untouchable king who
Reigned the sky at will
When Kuafu laid eyes on it, he suddenly knew what he wanted
That was it, a single goal in the shape of a golden sphere
He would catch it and tame it
Like a rescue ramp in a sea of chaos, the only hope

The sun spoke to his heart with words of truth.
He was alive, oh he was so alive

And I will reach and I will grab the sun
No you will die and you 'll fall by your side, giant
But it's so near, I tell you I have no fear
Kua Fu you moron, your road is a long road, long
In my hands it will shine, when it becomes mine
Your end is clear like crystal, our dear child
No one has ever, ever been closer to the sun

Roaming the deserts and the fields, drying all lakes and rivers up
He drinks to end his thirst, the heat is wearing him down now
The sun don't seem to care, but neither does he cause
He will hold the fire, aim higher, legs are tired
He finally hits the ground
Track Name: Jack In The Box
Don't know if you're awake or not
Your eyes feel all paralyzed
Can't move your limbs
You're in and waiting

For the hand that will reach and make you jump high
For the magical hand that turns your hand crank and you rise

Little joker you're not fine
The days are passing by
There is no child nigh
Still no sign
Will you try and break the top
Get out and reach the world
And make your life your own
Will you now?

Still in, what is this all about
You know there is a sky
On fire but
You're in and waiting

Thoughts stay hidden in his mind, safe from the claws of truth
An empty box, will it ever weigh?
Slowly changing and accepting, trasforming all absence into presence
Forever same

I need to guard against the voice in my head
That denies my hereafter
Forever young, I'm gonna lie in my bed
And let time chase after me
But I know that when I will be ready
It will end, my laughter
Track Name: Martian Architect
Martian architect
No one left to protect

Deep black, never ending space
On track, martian on the way
Outcast, spinning round and round
He can't hear a sound
Where is he heading to and what will he become
Keep rolling now to the unknown
The never ending journey will soon be gone

You crush upon the earth

You were a god almighty feeding off your world
Their faith is no more and you're stranded here alone
Your self tells you that you're lost into the void of yourself
Into the ashes of broken past
The light is off

Why am i here?
What do these people want from me?
Can someone tell me what the fuck they want
Can someone tell now, why do I have to bow

Betrayed by all that you own
Nowhere is where you belong
From hero now to zero
Dust becomes your throne
Your heart it turns to solid stone
And with white open wings flies away your hope

In spite of the fall and all the disgrace
I am here and I will follow you to the end
Track Name: Mokujin
Lived in fear
Broken man all this time
Scary world
We surely set up the fire
Not like us
No, we don't like the change
Wear the mask
The world has given you face

Exile the demon, Mokujin

Kill the weak
Live by rules
Stay alive
Not a chance with us
No way to survive
Cannot change our mind
As much as you cry
Mokujin, close your eyes say goodbye

Let us pray for the wooden man
Let us pray for the heart that we loved to burn
Can't confess it or take the blame
We're the reason his wooden smile died in the end
Men of treason
End of season

Track Name: Stray Dog Rolly
As I roll down the hills of life, low
As I lie down, a stray dog comes and lifts me up

A gentle rogue three-legged
Courage that never sets
An unbeatable beast of might that will live on

Rolly, on the road in the mist
Rolly won't get down on his kness
Rolly knows about life
No one brings him down, he never cries
Rolly, will you answer to me
Rolly, how aren't you bending the knee
Rolly, til the end you 'll fight
Oh I envy you, you never cry

Eyes that glow bright, with a dirty smile
He knows me right and wisely he opens his mouth

And I walk alone this very road
And sometimes it can wear you down
But damn I feel so strong
I do believe and I 'll survive

Oh I envy you, you 'll die in pride